2016 Rules Released

Just in time for your winter break, the new Spec E46 rules for the 2016 season are out.  Your voices were heard in the Rules Change Proposal forum, and after much discussion and consideration, many of these proposals have been incorporated into the new rules set.


Check out our rules page to see the current rules release.

Highlighted changes:

  • Section 9.9 Engine: Oil filter housing may be replaced or an adapter plate installed to add an oil cooler. Minor clearancing that does not affect performance allowed if needed for fitment. Remote oil filter housing is not allowed.
  • Section 14.4 Suspension: Swaybars may be replaced provided they use stock mounting locations with non-metallic bushings and either individual hole or sliding collar adjustment. Remote-adjustable or blade-type bars are not permitted.
  • Section 15.6&7 Tires and Wheels: Toyo RR 255/40-17 is the required tire. Toyo RR 235/40-17 may be used for the first three events in a given region, after that only the 255 is allowed. Toyo RA1 235/40-17 may be used instead of the RR.
  • Section 17.3 Body and Chassis: Engine under-tray panels may be removed or replaced with flat material no larger than the factory panel.
  • Section 17.4 Body and Chassis: Additional front bumper support may be added provided it serves no other function.
  • Section 17.11 Body and Chassis: Front strut tower brace may be added provided it attaches only using the three factory strut top stud locations.
  • Section 17.18 Body and Chassis: Xenon/HID portion of factory headlights may be removed provided the rest of the housing is retained. The entire headlight assembly may be replaced with a part that is visually similar and closely resembling the fit/finish of the stock part.
  • Section 18.4 Interior: Cars with a cage dash bar may retain or incorporate stock type steering column and transmission tunnel attachment points.

A highlighted version of the rules is shown below.  Changes/additions are show by yellow text highlighting.