Before you get started on your own Spec E46, please become thoroughly familiar with the current rules.  The rules were designed around a specific set of parts with a few optional parts left up to the builder.  Most questions can be answered through studying the rule book.

The following information (and much more) can be found on the Spec E46 public Google Drive folder.  Take a look, we’re always adding new information.

SE46 Google Drive

Build Worksheet

Another handy document to take a look at is this example build sheet, which was created as a Excel spreadsheet.  The build sheet gives three example builds based on bare minimums, improved parts, and finally a premium build.  Another nice feature is that all the parts have links to a retailer where you can purchase parts.  This build sheet is not an official list of required items, but rather a guide to creating your own build.  You should always double check the current rules before you order any parts.


You can have any local vinyl “sign” shop create the necessary graphics by providing them with a simple vector image file.  You can download a vector version of the SpecE46 logo from this folder.


Make sure you follow Toyo Tire’s recommended tire mounting and rotation guidelines contained in this file.  Failure to do so may reduce the life of your tires due to an open tread splice.  You must not only mount the tires as prescribed, but also rotate the wheels regularly.

Data Logging

Planning on adding an AiM data logger to your race car?  With a little bit of wiring you can retrieve a great deal of real-time information from your car’s CAN bus by following these simple instructions.  Another option is the Race Capture logger from AutoSport Labs which allows for real-time telemetry via cellular data.  AutoSport Labs have put together a detailed set of instructions on how to connect their device to the E46 chassis.  Both of these wiring directions can be used to help wire other systems such as MoTeC or Racepak.


Thinning your wiring harness can be one of the most difficult aspects of building a race car.  Use this helpful online wiring diagram and system description site to find out exactly what wires do what.

Workshop Manuals

Every Spec E46 builder should have a copy of the Bentley Publishers Service Manual, a great guide for everything from simple maintenance to in-depth repairs.  You can also find an online version of the official BMW technician manual for the E46 at this website.

Parts Information is a great source of both part numbers, but also technical drawings.  You can find out what parts were superseded or even upgrade to optional components through simply entering the last seven digits of your VIN.

Forum is the official host of the Spec E46 forum.  You can find tons of useful information in their subforums or ask a question yourself.